How to Find the Best Air Show in Anaheim

If you are finding the best air show in Anaheim, look for The Great Pacific Airshow. It is located at the primeaval beaches of Huntington Beach. In this air show in Anaheim, you and your family will witness different performers that will truly amaze you. The Great Pacific Air Show is an inspiring event that is suitable for all ages.

Best Air Show in Anaheim

Finding air shows in Anaheim can be done by looking online, but the best one is – The Great Pacific Air Show. In this air show, you will not just find aerial acrobatics, but also extreme sports, patriotism, and surf nostalgia. This article will give you details and information about the air show so that you will truly enjoy and have the best experience of this big event in Anaheim.

When will be this “The Great Pacific Air Show?”

This air show is a 3-full day event that will be held on October 4 to 6, 2019 – and this is open to everyone who wants to witness an air show or some new form of a bonding moment for the family. What’s great about this air show event is that it is free for everyone. However, if someone likes to upgrade his or her seating option, there are available seats to purchase – VIP beach seating, pier seating, and flight line club tables.

Performers at The Great Pacific Air Show

Lots of performers will showcase their talents and skills to entertain everyone as well as to inspire them. Here are the lists of performers:

•    The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows

•    Canadian Forces Snowbirds

•    US Air Force F-35 Lightning II Demo

•    US Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II Demo Team

•    USN F-18 Demo

•    Yak 110 – Jeff Boerboon

•    Horsemen Flight Team

•    Red Bull Air Force

•    Mike Wiskus

•    Greg Colyer

•    SOCOM Para Commandos  

As you watch these performers, you can also purchase food and drinks near the show center – there are a lot of options to choose from! Nevertheless, you can also bring your own snack if you want to.

Where to Stay near Anaheim Air Show?

The 3-entire day of this The Great Pacific Air Show are all the same. However, if you still want to watch for the entire 3 days and plan to stay in Huntington Beach, you can visit the site of Huntington Beach – Surf City USA. You can find several hotels along with restaurants, shopping malls, attractions, activities to do, etc. Have fun and enjoy the air show in Anaheim!

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