Air Shows in San Diego

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San Diego truly defines a great and lengthy history of aviation. Before, Air Show San Diego was known as Wings Over Gillespie, which, of course, an air show that’s held in June – every first weekend to be precise. In Air Show San Diego, it features amazing aerobatics, paratroopers, historic crafts, military re-enactors, and mock battles. Aside from that, it also features kids’ zone, educational displays, beer garden, amusement rides, and different foods and drinks.

The most awaited and popular MCAS Miramar Air Show features novelty and food booths, kids’ activity area, entertainment and flying, trade shows, military displays, and more for two entire days! This annual air show hosts flight demonstrations of squadrons such as U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds, U.S. Navy Blue Angels, Canadian Forces 431 Snowbirds, and Patriots Jet Team. Some other demonstrations include different squadrons like F-35B Lightning II and V-22 Osprey along with Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

The MCAS Miramir Air show is such a great show for people of all ages to come along to. Whether you are old, middle aged, young, or a kid, the show is family friendly, and open to people with the sky in their eyes. We always keep our events safe, and have metal detectors upon entry. A barrier is setup up on the airforce base by a local San Diego Fencing Co. We always strive to make it the safest and most fun experience for anyone who shows up. Read more to find out.

There are tons of military performers of MCAS Miramar Air Show that will demonstrate their skills and talents. Here are the complete lists:

  • U.S. Navy Blue Eagles
  • U.S. Army Golden Knights
  • U.S. Navy Leap Frogs
  • Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning
  • U.S. Air Force F-22A Raptor
  • Bell Boeing MV-220 Osprey
  • Marine Air-Ground Task Force
  • U-2 Dragon Lady
this image shows air show in san diego

On the other hand, there are also civilian performers that will show their talents and skills in MCAS Miramar Air Show. Here are the lists:

  • Sean D. Tucker Aerobatics with Johnny De Gennaro
  • Jon Melby – Hangar 24 Muscle Bi-Plane
  • Shockwave Jet Truck
  • John Collver “Wardog” – AT-6 Texan
  • Steve Stavrakakis Romanian Iar
  • Kent Pietsch – 1942 Interstate Cadet
  • Jacquie B. Air Shows – Extra 300
  • Warbirds Over Miramar
  • Patriots L-39 Jet Team
  • Powered Paraglider Flight Demonstration Team

For entertainment, there are also musical performers and announcers for this 2019 MCAS Miramar Air Show – they are 3D Maw Band, Ric Peterson, and Matt Jolley.

There are also hotels where you can stay during the MCAS Miramar Air Show – and these hotels are Inn of the Corps and Holiday Inn San Diego.

So, if you have a plan to get a ticket for MCAS Miramar Air Show, make sure to get it only at for legitimacy. Surely, you will be amazed and stunned by each performer. Plus, you can also get your own souvenirs like printed shirts and posters. Enjoy and have fun with this one of the most popular events in San Diego. This Air Show is not only for adults but also for kids.  

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