Airshows in San Bernardino

If you are an aviation enthusiast, then the San Bernardino air show is an event that you should not afford to miss.

Going by the past events, these shows are exciting for both the participants and the fans. Besides the airplane shows, there are other activities featured which include car shows, wrestling competitions, and aerobics.

The past festivals have been very popular in bringing the whole family together with plenty of food to eat and lots of drinks available.

What To Expect in the Air Shows

  • High flying adrenaline feel performances by jet teams, sky divers, military crafts at high speeds moving you to the edge of your seats. Pilots also get to show their expertise.
  • Car shows showcasing vintage and classic vehicles and a motorcycle show presenting various stunts at high speed.
  • Music and entertainment by various artists. The artists featured usually are from the local community; therefore, it is a way of promoting local theatre.
  • Wrestling competition by various groups.
  • A tug of war between enforcement officers showcasing their strengths and earning bragging rights after the event. This tag of wars sometimes features rope airplane pulling and are quite competitive.
  • World War II planes will also be available for public viewing. This open viewing is a good way of teaching your children about World War 11
  • Fireworks. This is usually very exciting for the young ones.

Bringing the Community Together

These events are used as a way to bring the community and the airport together, and all these activities are generally slotted to take place within a day.

The airport authorities also welcome suggestions from the community on ways they can improve the day. It is also a great way to honor and support veterans who got injured during various wars since part of the proceeds from the event goes to support multiple nonprofit organizations that help retired war veterans.

Smart Way of Advertisement

It is also a fantastic event for business people to advertise themselves to over 10,000 people who attend the show. Business people usually are asked to register early to book a slot where they can display their products.

Why don’t you then gather your family and make sure you attend the San Bernardino Air Show and have a bonding session.

You can also contact the Airports’ Authority with suggestions on how they can add more activities as a way of involving the community more.

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