Air Shows in Riverside

Air shows are great activities that bring families and communities together both old and young. The events that take place are enjoyable for the whole family as participants and spectators.

Amazing Riverside Air Shows

Riverside airport has been holding airshows since 1993 featuring exciting activities with fans now having grown to over 90,000 by 2017.

Food usually is in plenty with food trucks and a variety of vendor booths. The children are also not left out as they have their own food corner.

What to Expect on Airshows in Riverside

  • A VIP welcome complete with a parachute jump by skydivers. Jumping out of a plane and displaying the American flag. Make sure to arrive early to experience this spectacular welcome
  • A display of various air gymnastics by different pilots from low passes to high-speed flyers giving your heart a jolt.
  • A car show and display of military vehicles which you can see up-close.
  • Community group exhibits where families can showcase their talents in various categories like singing, wrestling, and tag of wars. This community exhibits are becoming a very popular and exciting activity for the whole family.

Things to Bring on Air Shows in Riverside

To enjoy the air show fully make sure to carry with you the below items.

  • Sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from sunburns.
  • A chair to sit on preferably a camping one. Some people who prefer to sit on the ground can carry a blanket to sit on.
  • Food from outside is allowed so if you have diet problems and you may not find anything that suits your preferences, you can carry your own food.
  • Cash to buy all the food and drinks you require. There usually are ATM’s available, but with the long lines witnessed in the past, you are safer carrying cash.

This is a wonderful event for the whole family, and it brings the community together. To make it more interesting for your family, plan to take part in the various categories available for the community. The amount of time you will put when practicing also acts as a way of getting to know your neighbors.

Plan to attend this exciting event which is free for the public and with enough space and security provided for your vehicles; then you have no excuse. For the beer enthusiasts, there is even a beer garden.

Gather up your family and join the rest of the community members for the preparation of this great show.

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